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Seeking F-22 Fighter Pilot located at Langley AFB, to support and assist with efforts to translate weapon system requirements into documented studies and analyses. This will include providing technical and analytical assistance to assess weapon system capabilities and translate system requirements into resource evaluation and documentation products. Provide support to effectively plan, program, budget, and execute resource requirements. Assist in performing capabilities, program, and cost analyses for new and modified systems to include managing, developing, and analyzing resource documentation for the core A5/8/9 mission in support of program execution. Assist and support efforts to accomplish studies, technical analysis, and reports. These efforts will provide information necessary to determine capability gaps, inefficiencies, and ineffectiveness of capabilities to combat current threats within the A5/8/9 mission area.


Provide technical and analytical support to track and analyze trends, user requirements, and other key issues and assist in development of critical documentation to support system resource requirements.
Provide technical and analytical support to assess capability requirements, associated capability gaps and risks, and facilitate fielding of capability solutions.
Conduct analyses in support of the development, validation, and coordination of HQ ACC requirements documents such as Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Initial Capabilities Document (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD), and Capability Production Document (CPD).
Maintain broad technical and analytical resource proficiency to efficiently translate weapon system requirements into documented resource reports. This will require maintaining a close interface with a wide range of users, developers, industry, Air Staff, and other agencies as required to ensure resource development efforts are aligned with overall DoD direction.
Assist in evaluating system capabilities and program cost effectiveness according to fiscal parameters and measurements. This will include assessing costs for accuracy and reasonableness and identifying potential alternatives.
Monitor and analyze funding execution to ensure consistent and proper resource alignment among projects. This includes working with HQ ACC organizations and maintaining databases necessary to prepare the A5/8/9 Fiscal Year Execution Plan, Initial Distribution, budget execution, maintain management internal controls, and monitor obligations/expenditures within funded programs.
Assist with cost, schedule, technical, and performance assessments and develop briefings and background papers to identify potential impacts and proposed courses of action.
Assist with the development of studies, analyses, reports, etc. to inform the requirements generation process and identify and prioritize capability gaps.
Assist with facilitating and integrating efforts of working groups and Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) to ensure consistency of data/information that is being developed.
Support efforts to manage the development, coordination, approval, and maintenance of studies, analysis, and reports in support of overall mission.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
Weapons School Graduate (desired)
Five years staff experience (combination of active duty, Government service, or Contractor) in operations, staff or working specific program or subject area of the specific A5/8/9 area being tasked
Five years MAJCOM or Air Staff PEM experience
Five years operational CAF fighter experience
F-22 experience (highly desired)
Candidate must have active security clearance

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