Hello all, newbie from Missouri

Let us know what your connection is with the aircraft, tell us where you're from and what you like!
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Hey all, I recently found this website, and posted my AFOQT scores on here just a little bit ago. So far this seems like a great place for information and I look forward to spending more time on here.

I don't have a direct connection to the F-16, although my uncle flew F-4's and T-38's back in the 70's, and is sadly where he died as well. He got his interest in flying from my grandpa who flew for TWA, so it definitely runs in the family. I remember writing to an F-16 pilot when I was a kid named Hugh E Gommel (If anyone knows him please let me know, I haven't communicated with him in well over 10 years) He had a connection to my uncle so I'm sure he's retired by now.

Anyway, that's what brings me to this site, and my particular interest in the F-16. I only have the AFOQT under my belt so far, my private pilot and instrument rating, and am 6 months from graduating with my Bachelors, but am hoping to get my TBAS done, and start putting a packet together so I can start applying. Any help is always appreciated.


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