Flying slow level and bank at 90degrees must pull some G ?

Always wondered why the F-16 has a tailhook, or how big a bigmouth F-16's mouth really is ? Find it out here !
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rheonomic wrote:
Lol. IIRC that source is from 1985 and only covers the old analog FLCS CLAWs, so I'd think things are probably a bit different now, not to mention it's in the open literature and not the full story. I looked through a Block 10/15 -1 I found online but it's not particularly enlightening on the ARI effectiveness.

I think they updated the CLAWs a lot for block 60, not sure how much was changed during the transition to the digital FLCS. I'll see if I can ask a guy I know who worked F-16 flight control.

I only fly Block 15's, so I'd think it is probably valid info for my purposes. I think there must be a placebo effect working on me :)

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