"BLUE FLAG" Exercise [Israeli F-35i]

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More from 'How Blue is your flag'? FOUR PAGE PDF of ARTICLE now Attached below. Combat Aircraft February 2020 "This shot illustrates the various participants, from USAF F-16CMs and Italian and Israeli F-35s, to the F-15A Baz. Amit Agronov"
"This marked the first time the F-35I Adir participated in ‘Blue Flag’. Lt Col ‘T’, who commands 140 ‘Golden Eagle’ Squadron at Nevatim, said, ‘So far our training and co-operation using the ‘Adir’ has been within the [Israeli Air] Force.’ The F-35s flew with radar/reflecting Luneburg lenses, but according to Lt Col Herman: ‘Certain profiles of missions and rules of engagement involved the F-35 being immune to certain ground-to-air threats.’ This probably reflected how a ‘cloaked’ F-35 would be able to work around such threat systems. Lt Col ‘T’ also commented on working with the Italian Lightnings: ‘Our ability to sit together, brief, debrief and exchange information allowed us to take a step forward in our work, and see how each side does things differently while optimizing use of the aircraft’s capabilities.’"

"Ovda air base in Israel’s Negev Desert hosted Exercise ‘Blue Flag’ in November, which attracted five nations and some 70 aircraft including F-35s for the first time. REPORT Giovanni Colla"
F-35s BlueFlagFORM Crop Combat Aircraft Feb 2020 TIF.jpg
WarGamesInTheNEGEV Combat Aircraft Feb 2020 pp4.pdf
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