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If you feel you absolutely must talk about cars, morality, or anything else not related to the F-16, do it here.
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I remember posting a Quora link answer of myself during posts here early. If I remember correctly garrya is and ricnunes might be one of his followers I also have a quora account I know dragon029 also has a reddit and youtube account while there are many other users here that also have and key forum pub accounts.

For example I would want users like dragon029, hornetfinn and gums to have a key forum pub account and there are many users I want here to have a quora account as well. if Everyone is paranoid about open source intelligence keep in mind you can use fake names and fake profile pics or change them as much as you want. They have good aviation, air defense and general military topics regarding questions that get you a lot of upvotes, views and followers. What's stopping users here from creating an account over there.

PS I will be your follower if you create an account over there.

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