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Unread post06 Apr 2018, 20:36

I've noticed a massive increase in the amount of videos on YouTube that take stock video and adds a computer voice reading an article (usually not credited). It makes searching for content a PITA.

Chrome has an extension that will block selected YouTube channels. You will have to add the channels/keywords manually, but the more you do it, the better it gets. It also allows the export & import of items.

Maybe we could start a list?

Https:// ... hkcghmgfhk


Opera: ... o-blocker/

Here is an export of what I have so far. Save this as a JSON file:

Code: Select all

{"key":"Dung Tran","type":"channel"},
{"key":"HD World Military Channel","type":"channel"},
{"key":"New Update Defence","type":"channel"},
{"key":"Warthog Defense","type":"channel"},
{"key":"U.S. Military Technology","type":"channel"},
{"key":"Military Update","type":"channel"},
{"key":"US Defense News","type":"channel"},
{"key":"GLOBAL DEFENSE","type":"channel"},
{"key":"US Military News","type":"channel"},
{"key":"Hot News","type":"channel"}

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Unread post07 Apr 2018, 02:26

Agree, it is turning youtube into shite.

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