Academy's 1:32 scale F-16 kit

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Unread post21 May 2007, 07:34

There's a lot of too bad embroiled in that whole situation. I've been going to their HQ for 12 years.
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Unread post16 Aug 2007, 00:06

I'm building the Academy kit now. With a Black Box/Avionix resin cockpit, I can live with the other mistakes. I build for my own pleasure and this is close enough! I got the kit for $60 and the Black Box set for another $31. $91 is still below retail for both kits.


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Sure, if you want to settle for "mediocrity". I don't see the savings as justification for such a "poor" representation of the F-16 in plastic form.

It's a crying shame Academy botched that subject so bad, considering it exist in their own back yard.

I build for myself as well as for clients. Even for those I build for on commission, I would not sell them so cheap as to suggest the Academy over the Tamiya kit just to save a few bucks. The amount gained in accuracy, fit, and level of detail far outweighs the cheaper cost of the Academy kit.

Not only that, but I have rep for quality, and the Academy kit just does not meet the bar. Hell, even the Hasegawa kit is still more accurate for what it is, over the Academy kit.

That is my preference, as I tend to lean towards the better product, which in this case is not only is miles ahead of the competition, but a classic example of "You get what you pay for".

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Great work ,Habu!!!

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