1:48 F-16CG Blk40

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Hello, it's first post here after years of lurking around!

I've more or less finished my first attempt at making a scale model, a 1:48 Italeri model of 89-2178

There is absolutely no comparison between this plane and some of the models made by you...for example, the nosecone is completely ruined, but everyone has to start somewhere!

As you see, the plane still hasn't got any stores hung to it...so my question is, what would be a realistic loadout for a wagon such as this? I think a full-fledged combat loadout would be not so realistic?


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We are always our worst critic when it comes to our finished work-we could always have done "something different". Enjoy your work -it looks good in the picture. I can't even count the -16's I've built, but one thing is for sure, you always want to improve! Keep 'em coming!
Try building six at a time(for our warriors in Iraq)_


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A very nice work done.This is a nicely designed and would seem a very unique. This rc jet is fun and nice to see. I really like it. These are the rarer ones. I do find it quite interesting though that these models show up.

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