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Third F-16 forced to land at Syracuse Airport

November 8, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - For the third time in less than two weeks an F16 Fighting Falcon was forced to make an emergency landing at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

174th FW NYANG Syracuse [Philippe Colin collection]

It happened Sunday morning when the pilot reported an afterburner problem shortly after takeoff.

The jet was participating in an exercise. Around 08.45h the Viper pilot began circling the airfield for about half an hour to spend fuel before landing. F-16s are not designed to land on a full tank. Too much fuel makes them too heavy to land safely.

Another F-16 landed on October 29th because of a brake malfunction, and on November 1st yet another one blew two tires on landing after the pilot reported brake problems.

No injuries were reported in any of the landings.

Hancock field is preparing for an operational readiness inspection in January that will test the unit's ability to move its people, cargo and jets to the battlefield.

The 138th Fighter Squadron converted in 1993 from the F-16A to the block 30 models. In October 1998, the Wing swapped aircraft with the 149th FW of the Texas ANG and received block 25 F-16s.