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 MSgt. Terry "T-Bone" Swift (Ret.)

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Name MSgt. Terry Swift (Ret.)
Unit 496th Tactical Fighter Squadron "The World's Finest"
Crewing F-16s from 1988 until 1991
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Spent 20 long years in the USAF. 17 years as a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Technician / Supervisor and 3 years as a Recreational Specialist.

Served at the following bases:
Nellis AFB, NV - 1976-1978 F-111's and F-4's
Kunsan AB, Korea - 1978- 1979 F-4's
Myrtle Beach AFB, SC - 1979-1981 A-10's and Rec Specialist
Gunter AFS, AL - 1981 - 1983 Rec Specialist
England AFB, LA - 1983-1985 A-10's
Suwon AB, Korea - 1986 A-10's
Minot AFB, ND - 1987-1988 F-15's (5th FIS - Spittin' Kittens)
Hahn AB, Germany - 1988-1991 F-16's (496th AMU and M.O.C.C.)
Nellis AFB, NV - 1991-1993 F-16's (Falcon AMU)
Misawa AB, Japan - 1993-1996 F-16's (13th FS)

Current or Favourite assignment

Not much, other than I enjoyed being in Europe of probably all of my duty stations.


Kunsan AB, Korea - TDY to Clark AB, Philippines
England AFB, LA - TDY to Nellis AFB, NV for Red Flag and George AFB, CA.
Suwon AB, Korea - TDY to Clark AB, Philipines
Hahn AB, Germany - TDY to Incirlik AB, Turkey
Misawa AB, Japan - TDY to Osan AB, Korea

My Jets & Assignments

80496 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 496th Tactical Fighter Squadron "The World's Finest" [Unit History]
Period 1988 - 1989
Current: 80496   F-16A Block 10 [scr]
Was Crewchief of the Squadron Commanders aircraft until moved to being an Expediter. Then got moved to the M.O.C.C. and then made MSgt.

Visitor Comments

Falcon Amu
Alan LeBlanc ,Ssgt, Nov 20, 2010 - 05:26 PM

Hi Terry , How are you? I worked for you at Falcon Amu. Saw your name just wanted to say Hello. Peace out Al.

Mike Jones, Feb 22, 2013 - 05:11 AM

I believe you lived down the hall , 2nd floor of

the barracks. My room was right next to the dayroom. i hung with rex burch, my roomate was ron scott . Used to call you notso. I was a crew chief 80th , d (dog)flight, worked the quick turn (Charlie pad) . Same guy ?

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