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 SSgt. Johmil "Es" Eslao

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Name SSgt. Johmil Eslao
Unit 309th Fighter Squadron "Wild Ducks"
Crewing F-16s from 2003 until 2008
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Luke AFB is my first assignment, and I've been there close to six years. I will be leaving soon for my next assignment to the Azores. I look forward to the change of pace, but I will miss my dear friends who I must leave behind.

Current or Favourite assignment

Amongst all the Units at Luke AFB, the Wild Ducks have the most heritage. Our squadron patch was designed with the help of Walt Disney himself, granting us the use of Donald Duck as our mascot. The North Star in the background shows how our pilots used to navigate with the constellations back when radar was non-existent.

My Jets & Assignments

84331 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 62nd Fighter Squadron "Spikes" [Unit History]
Period 2003 - 2003
Current: 84331  USAF 309 FS F-16D Block 25 [act]
Falcon 4331 is the first jet I ever crewed in my on-job-training to be a Crew Chief.
83185 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 309th Fighter Squadron "Wild Ducks" [Unit History]
Period 2003 - 2008
Current: 83185  USAF 309 FS F-16D Block 25 [act]
This my assigned aircraft since becoming permanent party in the USAF. As long as I've been in the 309th AMU/FS, I've stayed on this jet although I've been offered to be the DCC (Dedicated Crew Chief) of A3128; our Operational Group jet. I will crew this jet until my last days as a Wild Duck. I've served A3185 as it's ACC and DCC. I am sad to hear that she's been decommissioned and sent off to be laid to rest amongst those who've passed their prime. You were good to me 185. I miss being your DCC.

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