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 SSgt. Eric Owens

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Name SSgt. Eric Owens
Unit 72nd Fighter Squadron "Falcons"
Crewing F-16s from 1983 until 1985
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Author of an autobiography and a mystery action-adventure novel. I've gone toe to toe with life and have had to overcome extreme challenges. Each time I have been confronted with the need for personal reinvention I have used those challenges to motivate me to rise, and rise again. My autobiography is written for Air Force enthusiasts, Air Force veterans, or any Airmen currently serving facing life's challenges of their own. Also for anyone confronting deeply personal challenges, and those facing the need to overcome and succeed in their lives. I am in the process of seeking potential readers of my books. I need to build a list of followers over the next three to six months and to build an email list.

I’m the father of three grown and productive adults with their own families, but I’ve also been an F-16 Crew Chief, a single working parent, an IT professional, a nature photographer, a certified scuba diver and rescue diver, and achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt in martial arts. I do my best writing at home. I love to read, watch a good movie when I can, and I hope my fiction novel transports readers to a place where dreams can come true, bad guys can be defeated, and a mystery with a past can come alive on the page!

I dedicate this book to my mom for teaching me right and wrong, the value of work and the love of Christ. She supported the war effort during and immediately after World War II, helping the U.S. Government develop the world's first portable electronic computer. What we would call a laptop today. This work is dedicated to all the enlisted men and women of the United States Air Force, who worked inside the Red Line tirelessly then, and do so now in "Keeping the Air Force Flying Daily", at every Air Force base out there. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Current or Favourite assignment

72 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron

My Jets & Assignments

83118 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 56th Fighter Wing [Unit History]
Period -
Current: AAFG0670  USAF AMARC F-16C Block 25 [sto]
Unit 56th Fighter Wing [History]
Period -
"I was with Eric for a short period of time in the Air Force. I remember the times when I was busy helping someone on the flight line; and wasn't able to recover an inbound F-16, and Eric would catch my jet for me. He did this countless times. He literally saved my skin. This is all documented in his autobiography. He tells his story with emotion and and conviction. It was an honor to serve with him, and if you're not a reader of his or following him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram you are missing out". ~ Allen Peros

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