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10 Feb 1995 [act] 83185 83-1185 USAF 309 FS F-16D Block 25B AIB Report Details
Collided with F-16C (88-0478) at Luke AFB, Arizona. Aircraft only lost its nosecone and was repaired.
Unknown [i/a] 84213 84-1213 USAF 61 FS F-16C Block 25C Details
Damaged in a fire involving the JFS. Need to confirm exact date of loss which was in 2007 or 2008.
25 Oct 2001 [act] 84217 84-1217 USAF 62 FS F-16C Block 25C AIB Report Details
Major Yarema Sos ejected while the landing gear collapsed on touch-down at Luke AFB. The aircraft came down three quarters of the way down the runway. The F-16 was caught in the turbulence of the aircraft before him and hit the ground well over the structural design limit of the aircrafts landing gear system resulting in a collapse.
17 Feb 1991 [w/o] 84218 84-1218 USAF 17 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Had an engine fire coming off a target over Iraq. The pilot, Capt. Scott 'Spike' Thomas, ejected and was rescued.
02 Aug 1988 [w/o] 84221 84-1221 USAF 19 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Shortly after the pilot, Capt. Robert F. Weiland Jr. ejected the aircraft impacted an 803 foot radio tower. The F-16 hit the tower about 500 feet above the ground. Possibly the Shaw AFB jet that crashed causing injuries to two people on the ground. Aircraft was on a training mission.
11 Feb 1986 [w/o] 84224 84-1224 USAF 19 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Flew into the Gulf of Mexico.
05 Jan 1989 [w/o] 84228 84-1228 USAF 19 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Damaged beyond repair in an aborted takeoff from Shaw AFB after multiple bird strike. The pilot was injured in the mishap. Eye witness account by Scott Gandy "I witnessed the mishap from in front of Hanger 1200. Aircraft had birdstrikes right after rotation, pilot then planted airplane on runway and attempted a departure-end barrier engagement. The cable bounced after being run over by the NLG wheel and struck the C/L tank, rupturing it. The spilling fuel was then ignited. The pilot ran the canopy up, over and down the radome he went. It seemed like the jet burned up in two minutes."
25 Jul 1988 [w/o] 84232 84-1232 USAF 19 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Crashed and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean near Georgetown, South Carolina. Captain Paul Stone ejected safely and was released from the hospital the same night. Aircraft was participating in a combat exercise at the time.
12 Nov 1986 [w/o] 84233 84-1233 USAF 33 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Crashed near Shaw AFB, South Carolina. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Eric Oliver, didn't survive the crash.
23 Sep 2003 [act] 84240 84-1240 USAF 309 FS F-16C Block 25C Details
Left main gear collapsed while landing at night at Luke AFB, Arizona.The center line tank and pod mounted on the left wing sustained the most damage but was repaired. Aircraft was temporarily on loan to the 61st FS at the time of the crash but still owned by the 309th FS.
Unknown [act] 84246 84-1246 USAF 17 TFS F-16C Block 25C Details
Ingested a bird that caused engine failure sometime during 1988. Went off the runway. Nose gear broke and intake ploughed through soil. Aircraft was repaired, but never did go to combat as it didn't fly as well after this mishap.
13 Sep 1988 [w/o] 84249 84-1249 USAF 17 TFS F-16C Block 25D Details
Hit the ground near Sumter, South Carolina. The crash killed the man who owned the house that the jet hit
21 Dec 1995 [w/o] 84250 84-1250 USAF 62 FS F-16C Block 25D Details
The F-16 crashed at 10:20 hours after engine failure. The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Abbott, ejected safely. The mishap took place on routine training mission about 12 miles southwest of Winslow, Arizona. Abbott was on temporary duty from Cannon AFB, New Mexico to Luke AFB.
20 Jun 1997 [w/o] 84255 84-1255 USAF 194 FS F-16C Block 25D Details
California ANG F-16 crash near the Saline Valley, California. The pilot, Lt Steven R. Jennings, ejected but dislocated his elbow. A short time after the crash the pilot was picked up by a NAWC China Lake HH-1N. Pilot probably experienced a short G-LOC and regained conscienous just in time to eject before impacting the ground around 14:00 hours.
09 Oct 1986 [w/o] 84259 84-1259 USAF 17 TFS F-16C Block 25D Details
The pilot, 1st Lieutenant Ralph Cyr, tried to land in bad foggy weather during night at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. The aircraft impacted some pine trees not far from Shaw AFB, avoiding a trailer park. The pilot mistakenly saw street lights for the runway lights and was able to light the afterburner to avoid an impact in the trailer park but was already to low to avoid a crash. The lieutenant was killed in the accident.

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[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available

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