F-16 Fighting Falcon News

From 1998

Sep 01, 1998 - Air Combat Command officials released the Aircraft Accident Investigation Report Sept. 1 on the March 23 F-16C gear-collapse incident on the runway at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The aircraft was from the 4thFighter Squadron. The report concluded the accident was caused by the pilot, Lt. Col. John Burgess Jr., failing to properly control his descent rate during landing. The rapid descent occurred during a late turn to line up with the runway. The left main gear collapsed upon touchdown causing the aircraft to skid down the runway. Sparks from the aircraft, along with leaking fuel, resulted in a portion of the jet catching fire. The pilot ejected from the aircraft, suffering minor injuries. Burgess was returning to Hill from a training mission focusing on night aerial refueling and procedures for dropping laser-guided bombs. [Read more...]
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