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Another batch of Belgian F-16s delivered to Jordan

July 18, 2011 (by Bjorn) - The second flight of four from a total batch of nine F-16 fighters were delivered to Jordan today (with the first flight leaving last Wednesday) from Kleine Brogel airbase.

RJAF F-16BM #138 from 1 sqn is spotted taxiing out of a shelter at Al Azraq AB on October 21st, 2009 during the Falcon Air Meet. [Trueblueaviationpress photo by Edwin Borremans]

This transfer marks the delivery of the Peace Falcon V contract which had been under negotiation between the Belgian and Jordanian governments for some time now. The total batch compromised 9 F-16 fighters (6 F-16AM's and 3 F-16BM's).

The aircraft have been brought up to the same standard as the other Belgian and Dutch F-16s that were delivered in the 2008-2009 timeframe. These nine F-16s became abundant with the Belgian Air Force and were therefore put up for sale. Since Jordan already acquired former Belgian F-16s, it was the preferred partner for this deal. The number of Jordanian F-16s rises to 64 with the number of Belgian F-16s now totalling 60, with 54 of these being operational.

Transfer of the aircraft was swift because Jordanian pilots and ground-crew were already trained and up to par with the former deliveries in 2008-2009.