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Belgian F-16 Mlu sale to Jordan

February 26, 2007 (by Mil) - The first F-16s that will be sold to the Royal Jordanian Air Force have arrived at Florennes and Kleine Brogel 'KB' Air Bases.

BAF F-16BM #FB-08 seen arriving at Weelde AB on January 16th, 2006 for its "last landing". [Photo by Dirk A. Geerts]

On February 6 #FA-58 and #FB-01 flew back to KB, while #FA-90 en #FB-08 had Florennes as destination.

These are the first four of fourteen Belgian F-16 MLU's to be sold to Jordan. Two of those will be F-16B two seaters, the other twelve will be A models. These aircraft are were in storage in Weelde and technicians are detached there to put these aircraft back to flying status for their respective flights back to Florennes and KB where they will receive a Phased Inspection.

End May the second phase will commence with another four F-16s (#FA-61, #FA-88, #FA-75, #FA-78). Last phase will be in mid november with 5 aircraft (#FA-73, #FA-74, #FA-76, #FA-66, #FA-65). The fourteenth aircraft is the #FA-60 will be transported by road to SABCA factories in Gosselies to be repaired and put back to flying condition.

Incorporated in the sale is a conversion for six RJAF pilots in OCU Sqn at Kleine Brogel and courses for 80 technicians in the Royal Technical School at Saffraanberg, followed by OJT training in the 2 wing and 10 wing.