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Jordan acquires 8 Dutch and 14 Belgian F-16 MLUs

April 20, 2006 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Jordan signed a letter of Intent (LoI) for the acquisition of 22 F-16 MLUs, the Belgian Ministry of Defence announced today. The deal is for 8 Dutch and 14 Belgian F-16 MLUs.

BAF F-16A block 15 #FA-58 from 31 sqn is parked on the tarmac with a light step attached to the cockpit. This aircraft was later upgraded to MLU standards and is currently stored as part of the latest defence cuts in Belgium. [Photo by Mike Kopack]

The Letter of Intent was signed today in Amman by a member of the Jordan Ministry of Defence, the Dutch Secretary of Defence, Cees Van der Knaap, and the chief of Material Resources from the Belgian military, Lt. General de Winter.

The deal is for 8 Dutch (5 F-16AM and 3 F-16BM) and 14 Belgian F-16 MLUs (12 F-16AM and 2 F-16BM).

The Belgian minister of Defence, André Flahaut, welcomed the news as the revenues from the sale will go directly into the defence budget.

The Dutch air force has already sold three updated F-16Bs (two seaters) to Jordan at the end of last year, as well as 18 F-16s to Chile. With this second sale of F-16s to Jordan (5 F-16AM and 3 F-16BM aircraft), the RNlAF has sold all of its 29 excess F-16s. This leaves the RNLAF with 108 operational F-16s.

Note: the serials of the Belgian aircraft are #FA-58, #FA-60, #FA-61, #FA-65, #FA-66, #FA-73, #FA-74, #FA-75, #FA-76, #FA-78, #FA-88, #FA-90 and #FB-01, #FB-08.