F-16 Fighting Falcon News

Rumored sale of BAF/RNLAF F-16s to Pakistan

November 27, 2005 (by Asif Shamim) - A news article in The Pakistan Observer stated last Friday a potential sale of 26 F-16A/B's to the Pakistan Air Force from Belgium and Holland.
Pakistan had officially announced the delay of the 70+ F-16 sale with the USA in order to divert resources to the earthquake stricken regions. In the meantime a decision reported to be at the highest level of government has been taken to acquire 26 F-16 A/B variants from Holland and Belgium after US Congressional approval.

An official speaking to the Pakistan Observer stated that although the F-16 deal with the US is on hold, 26 F-16s can be made available to the PAF within months. Pakistani officials have also received commitments from the US government that the remaining F-16s will be available to PAF whenever the country decides to go ahead with the deal.

The RNlAF and the BAF still have surplus F-16s for sale. The rumoured price per aircraft is only 10-15 million USD.

Rumour control potentially has the airframes from the RNLAF/BAF to have service life of about 2000-3000 Hrs & to the MLU specification with BVR capabilities. Other reports suggest some of the airframes to be offered are to be from the pre-MLU spec.

The Belgian government denies there are at present any concrete negotiations with Pakistan.

Pakistan operates a fleet of 32 F-16s as it mainstay in the Air Defense role.