Viper Driver Flying Hours

  Maj. Tjebbe "Speedy" Haringa

Viper Driver

Name Maj. Tjebbe "Speedy" Haringa
Unit N/A
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 2500
Flown in 323 and 322 sqn throughout the 80's. He attended the Imperial Test Pilot School during the early 90's and is now heavily involved in the MLU program. Claims to be the one and only "Speedy".

2000: "Please note that the real Speedy (me) has about 2500hrs in the airplane. I'm currently running a little flight test center (1 airplane, #J-066) at AB Leeuwarden (also known as Speedy's flight test center)."

2005: New head of the RNLAF operational research and evaulation department.

F-16 Flying Hours

2,000 Hours #594 on the 2K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown
1,000 Hours #562 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown

Flying Hours on other aircraft

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