Viper Driver Flying Hours

  Lt. Eduard "Matta" Klap (Ret.)

Viper Driver

Name Lt. Eduard "Matta" Klap (Ret.)
Unit 322nd squadron "Polly Parrot"
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 1013
RNlAF 322nd sqn during mid 80's. Managed to accumulate exactly 1013.2 hrs before joining KLM. Now F.O. on B747-400.

2004: Captain of a B737 at KLM

2006: Captain of a B747-400 at KLM

Little story:

The tactical callsign "matta" has to be read in conjuction with the last name "Klap". In some area's of the Netherlands it is being said that someone is "mattaklap" when he is a kind of clown, a funny guy. This tactical callsign was thought up by fellow pilots and given to lt. Eduard Klap (his real name) when he joined the F-16 conversion course at Leeuwarden Airbase in 1983.

When the decision was made to leave the airforce and join KLM to be a commercial pilot, the joke was thought up to aim at precisely 1013.2 flying hours in the F-16. As an airline pilot, hours and hours above the transition altitude (and thus at flight levels) would be flown. And what is the the standard altimeter setting at those flight levels? Right! 1013.2 millibars....

F-16 Flying Hours

1,000 Hours #450 on the 1K list
Unit   322nd squadron "Polly Parrot" [Unit History]
Date 8 March 1988
Comment The 1,000th hour was flown in #J-215.
The 1,013th flying hour (the last on the electric jet) was flown on April 14th, 1988 in #J-242, the aircraft with the name 'Eduard "matta" Klap' painted on the canopy-seal.

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