Viper Driver Flying Hours

  Lt.Col. William "Junior" Horn (Ret.)

Viper Driver

Name Lt.Col. William "Junior" Horn (Ret.)
Unit 149th Fighter Wing
Flying F-16s
Viper Hours 2200
Last active duty unit was the 57 WG, Nellis AFB, with the USAF Aggressors and then he flew with the 149th Fighter Wing, ANG, Lackland AFB, TX, from where he retired in 2004.

Currently with Southwest Airlines as a First Officer
Previous Assignment: Commander, USAF Aggressors, 2001

F-16 Flying Hours

2,000 Hours #650 on the 2K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown
1,000 Hours #1738 on the 1K list
Unit N/A
Date unknown

Flying Hours on other aircraft

Visitor Comments

Property of William Horn
Linda Rye, Apr 14, 2015 - 11:18 PM

Trying to locate the William (Billy) Horn from whom my husband, Dean, and I bought a house in Las Vegas in 2001. I just recently found a box and picture in the garage attic that belongs to him. The picture may be of Billy and appears to be about a 9 year old boy. The box is sealed with packing tape and says Billy Horn on it and also mentions a model of something. Please contact me at the above email address if this is your property and if you have a way to retrieve it.

Linda, my daughter found me! lol! actually she found this post and fwd'd it to me
William (Billy) Horn, Sep 08, 2016 - 03:04 PM


Wow over a year since you posted so my apologies for it taking so long to find this and get back to you! My daughter, Jenn, actually found it and forwarded it to me. Hopefully this msg gets back to you, and if so you can reach me at 2104930006 or 2108650817. I live in San Antonio, TX, now, and hopefully you're still at Chela Cir.

Thanks so much again for posting and I hope to hear from you soon!


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