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In Memoriam

Captain Jerry Noble Allison

Captain Jerry Noble Allison

15 November 1985

An A-10 IP which was on an incentive flight.

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Mark Baker, Dec 21, 2019 - 05:54 PM

Jerry and I met in 1977 as neighbors at Willy. I admired his XKE. He was two classes ahead and I followed him to F-4 RTU at MacDill after our requests for X-Fighters were apparently ignored; we had driven up to Phoenix to see the debut of a movie called "Star Wars"). He volunteered for the Kun as a fast-track to a new fighter while I took my non-choice to Nellis. We kept in touch the "old fashioned way" (I may still have those letters). I got to hang out with he and Susan when my squadron deployed its Block 10s to Bentwaters in 1982 and when he came to town for A-10 FWS. I still remember getting wow'd by his Porsche 911 demo on the English motorway. Every time I think of you Jerry, I feel a hole in my heart.

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