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In Memoriam

Major Gregory C. "Maniac" Martineac

Major Gregory C. "Maniac" Martineac

9 November 1998

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The call
Koupe, Feb 15, 2007 - 07:38 PM

I was stationed at Hill, working the MOC that day the call came over the crash phone. I knew of the Maj and knew his reputation as a good pilot and a great person. The call has followed me to this day. "...not forgotten"

Katherine, Nov 15, 2007 - 12:53 AM

I had joked with Greg the day he took off about hockey and had an autographed poster for Peter and Luke and left it on his desk while he was inflight, not knowing he wouln't return. He was a great guy with a wonderful sense of humor. He was a fighter pilot who loved his family very much. I was a secretary for a very long time in the 388 OSS and got to know many of the pilots and care about them. While going through some of the old boxes after a flood in my house, I found something of Greg's that had fallen in the back of my desk and wanted to pass it to Luke or Peter and hope to reach them. I hope I might be able to contact them to give it to them. We grieved with Greg's family, and honor Greg's memory--you will not be forgotten. I work at Hill AFB as a Security Manager now and still remember Greg as an extraordinary person who was committed to his country, ensuring our freedom. Thank you for your service and your friendship. Kat "Lady Wolf"

Greg was a family man
Anonymous, Oct 05, 2008 - 02:46 AM

Greg loved his family very much....he was a dear friend and will never be matter how long he has been gone.

A Great man
Jack, Mar 06, 2009 - 02:27 AM

Greg was a great pilot, leader and friend and I will never forget him. He was my flight instructor at Laughlin AFB in 1992. I am a pilot today because of Greg Martineac. I was walking out the door after my last failed EP stand up in tweets and was going over in my head how I was going to tell my young wife that I was done with UPT and the Air Force when Greg passed me in the hallway. He literally stood in front of me and would not let me pass. What he told me has stuck with me to this day "Jack, don't let them win, you're a good pilot, they can kick you out but you will not quit” I went on to excel in T-38’s and have piloted five different airframes in my career. I never fully thanked Greg for what he did for me. Greg was a Christian and I know some day I will see him again and thank him in person. Peter & Luke have some big shoes to fill; their father was a great man. Major Jack "JT" Sarnicki USAFR (Ret.)

Greg - A man with heart and vision
Lt Col John A. Wright, Feb 07, 2010 - 03:44 AM

What a surprise and blessing to happen upon this page. My wife, Andrea, and I spent our year at Kunsan with Greg, and I can honestly say he was one of the finest christian men I've ever known. We loved him like a brother, and think of him often. I still have a collection of preaching videos he spent many, many hours copying for me. When he crashed, Tracy called me and asked me to be the escort officer for his remains, which I was honored to do. Andrea joined me in Detroit, and we were the last ones to see the casket at the graveside. I saluted it with tears in my eyes, and a burdened heart for Luke's and Pete's loss. I'm sure he will be one of the first ones to great us when we enter God's presence!

I'm shocked to read this
Mary Lou Dominguez, Nov 08, 2011 - 10:02 PM

My husband Rick Dominguez and I had the pleasure of meeting Greg, Tracey and his family at several of our church services. I remember Luke and Peter were about 2 and 4 years old. His wife Tracey had been battling a brain tumor and after that we lost touch when he went to Laughlin AFB to work. God bless Tracey and his family. So sad to hear of his tragic death!

Incredible people forge enduring memories
Derrick, Jul 17, 2018 - 11:12 PM

I got to know Col. Martineac as Maj. when I was working in the 388 OSS Orderly Room at the start of my career. Like Ms. Kat "Lady Wolf" (miss you having me over for dinner), I got to know many pilots in the 5 years I was stationed at Hill, but you could tell Greg was different. I never got to speak with him on a spiritual level, but I'm so grateful to know he had a relationship with GOD before he was called home. I worked on two accident investigation boards that year, and still remember how my heart sank when I worked his. I can still see his kind smile and calming presence in my mind. To all of Greg's family, friends and loved ones - may GOD continue to bless and keep you as you come upon twenty years since his passing.

He is still missed
Bill Butler, May 30, 2019 - 07:18 PM

Even after 20 years, Greg is still greatly missed. He was a true friend and comrade both in the Air Force and in our reenactment group. He was definitely one of the very few I considered a personal mentor in my Air Force career. Greg was very much on my mind this Memorial Day.

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