US Air Force - AFMC F-16s

  • aan.jpg
    Edwards F-16C firing a Sparrow missile [USAF photo]
  • aao.jpg
    USAF F-16D block 50, #90835, firing a HARM missile [USAF photo]
  • aap.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 42 #88469 from the Eglin test force, testing a CBU-105 WCMD [USAF photo]
  • aaq.jpg
    GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb on F-16 #78-0097 from Eglin AFB [Boeing photo]
  • aar.jpg
    USAF F-16, #80557 fires an AMRAAM missile. This Edwards based F-16 was originally built as an F-16A block 15. It is one of a few F-16s that were upgraded to block 25 and higher standard, with according hard- and software modifications. The yellow circle behind the cockpit is an unpainted GPS antenna. [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16C block 40, #87352, at the Edwards AFB open house in 2003 [Photo by Roger Kemp]
  • aau.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 40, #88456, at the Edwards AFB open house in 2003. Note the birdslicers proving that this aircraft already received the CCIP upgrade [Photo by Roger Kemp]
  • aav.jpg
    USAF F-16C #88469 successfully launched the first Have-Lite (a lightweight version of the Popeye standoff precision attack missile) on 26.11.2002. Note the data link pod on Station 5 which is used to guide the weapon to the target. [USAF photo]
  • aaw.jpg
    USAF F-16B, #78088, over Edwards in May 2000 together with a C-12 [USAF photo]
  • aax.jpg
    USAF F-16A, #80573, preserved at Eglin AFB [Photo by Erik Striglin]
  • aaz.jpg
    USAF F-16D block 50, #90836, armed with a brand new AGM-154B JSOW [USAF photo]
  • abb.jpg
    USAF F-16A, #92407, at the Edwards AFB open house in 2003. This is also one of the ex-Pakistani aircraft that are now in use with the USAF [Photo by Roger Kemp]