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USAF F-16B block 1 #78-0097 explodes, sending debris and shrapnel into the air on August 19th on the Eglin AFB range. The explosion was a static test of the flight termination system to be used in the QF-16. The purpose was to demonstrate that the FTS design will be sufficient to immediately terminate the flight of a QF-16 as well as determine a range safety debris footprint. [USAF photo by Samuel King Jr.]


  • Guest on 2010-Aug-26 05:59:51 Guest said


    Wow... I read somewhere that the destruct package uses an AIM-9 warhead, but didn't realize the blast was that big.

    Any the turkey feather-less nozzle on an F-16 has to be a first too...
  • law on 2010-Nov-23 15:24:48 law said

    turkey feathers

    I wonder if all of the QF-16s have theirs taken off. I know on the B1 we took them off because they're useless and kept shearing off anyways
  • Sam H on 2011-May-03 20:11:47 Sam H said

    oldest F-16 on active duty gone

    This jet was a static display and a Cann bird and a load barn bird

    what a waste of a good bird

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  • Aircraft Database: F-16 #78097

    Static test of the flight termination system to be used in the QF-16. The test was conducted by the 780th Test Squadron and overseen by the QF-16 special program office.

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