Royal Danish Air Force F-16s

  • aew.jpg
    Former USAF #83070 on delivery to the Danish AF parked at Aalborg on March 25th, 1997. It was reserialled #E-070 when it entered service in the RDAF. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • aex.jpg
    Ex-USAF #83074 has just landed at Aalborg AB after the Atlantic crossing on delivery to the Danish AF on March 25th, 1997, were it was reserialled #E-074. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • aey.jpg
    Future RDAF F-16A block 15 #E-075 (M12-2). The aircraft is still in USAF colours but already Danish property. Before entering service in the Danish AF it has to be modified to Danish standard and repainted at Aalborg on July 7th, 1997. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • aez.jpg
    RDAF F-16A block 1 #E-176 about to be de-fuelled before going to maintenance at Aalborg AB on September 1st, 1998. Note the drum for the ammunition in the fuselage. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afa.jpg
    Brand-new RDAF F-16A block 1 #E-176 during its display at the open house held at Skrydstrup AB on August 10th, 1980. The aircraft was delivered on April 23rd, 1980. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afb.jpg
    RDAF F-16AM #E-177 towed at Aalborg on July 21st, 1996. The very first MLU F-16 in Europe. It started test flying a few days later. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afc.jpg
    RDAF F-16AM #E-181 passing by the weather observation post at Aalborg AB on February 6th, 2004. Note that this MLU converted F-16 also retained the small horizontal stab of the early block models. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afd.jpg
    RDAF F-16A #E-181 seen at Aalborg AB on February 15th, 2001. Just to show how much paperwork is involved with flying. No flight is over before the paperwork is done! [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afe.jpg
    RDAF F-16A block 5 #E-181 on the trim pad during an engine test at Aalborg on September 12th, 1991. Note the missing panels on the fuselage. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • aff.jpg
    RDAF F-16A block 5 #E-182 from esk. 723. Due to the proximity to the fjord the neighbouring and rival esk. 726 simply called 723 'The swamp' or the 'Duck-pond'. The ducks are missing on this picture at Aalborg on November 2nd, 1998 however. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afg.jpg
    RDAF F-16A block 5 #E-182 keeping its feet dry at the tarmac at Aalborg AB on November 2nd, 1998. Note the flooded squadron area. [ photo by Erik Frikke]
  • afh.jpg
    RDAF F-16A block 5 #E-184 sitting on the ramp with opened canopy at Aalborg AB on April 27th, 1993. [ photo by Erik Frikke]