F-16 Accidents

  • FA-128
    BAF F-16AM #FA-128 from the second wing seen after it was completely destroyed in a ground fire at Florennes AB on October 11th, 2018. [Photo by Tony Delvita]
  • 79-0391
    USAF F-16A block 10 #79-0391 from the 138th TFS is completely burned after the nose tire blew upon take off from Al Kharj AB on April 11, 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. [DStorm.eu collection]
  • 9970
    Landing mishap of EAF F-16C block 40 #9970. [Photo by Carbonfiber]
  • 80-0560
    USAF F-16A block 15 #80-0560 from the 182nd TFS is seen in the unit's hangar at Kelly AFB on June 10th, 1988. The jet had rolled over on landing at NAS Corpus Christi the previous month, and had been disassembled and trucked back to San Antonio. [Photo by Keith Snyder]