F-16 Fighting Falcon News

AN/ALQ-213 Processor Upgrade

April 22, 2008 (by Asif Shamim) - Terma North America has been awarded a $ 4.7 million contract by Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) to complete development of the AN/ALQ-213(V) Processor Upgrade for the US Air Force, Warner Robins ALC.

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The award is part of a $11 Million USD development program led by GTRI to upgrade the processing ability of the ALQ-213.

ALQ-213 Electronic Warefare Management System (EWMS) was orginally developed for the F-16 in close co-operation with the Danish Air Force (RDAF) and began production in 1997.

Terma North America is responsible for hardware qualification, operating system and the application software. "When fielded, this upgrade will greatly enhance the survivability of U.S. A-10 and F-16 block 30 fighters," says Ms Johanna Eliot, Manager, Air Force Programs.