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Spangdahlem aircraft to move to Incirlik, Turkey?

June 9, 2004 (by Jon Sommerville) - Pentagon planners have announced a request for more rights for the use of Incirlik AB, Turkey and intend to move the aircraft from Spangdahlem AB Germany. Their reason as stated is to put these units closer to the Middle East to be better responsive. This is part of a major plan to change the European based USAF.
Turkish officials have hinted at this possibility but have denied even receiving any official request from the US government.

The United States determination to carry out this plan appears to only be able to be stopped by the Turkish government. Current agreement with Turkey is allowance of 48 jet fighters on Turkey's land for deployment. However the United States military largely pulled out in 2003 when Turkey did not allow the Americans to start a northern front into Iraq.