US Air Force - USAFE F-16s

  • Spang.jpg
    Two F-16s from Spangdahlem AFB pull alongside a KC-10 from the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing. [USAF photo]
  • Spang_001.jpg
    An F-16 from Spangdahlem AFB breaks away from formation after receiving fuel from a KC-10 from the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing. [USAF photo]
  • 88-0413.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0413 from the 510th FS 'Buzzard 01' seen in the static display at IAT 95. [Photo by Nigel Watson]
  • 86-0216.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0216 from the 527th AS is spotted taxiing at RAF Bentwaters with '12' bort code. [Photo by Mark Knivett]
  • Spang_002.jpg
    Col. Darryl Roberson pulls into tight formation with another F-16 over the Turkish mountains after completing the final mission of Exercise Anatolian Eagle, conducted at Konya AFB. Colonel Roberson is commander of the 52nd Fighter Squadron at Spangdahlem AFB. [USAF photo by MSgt. Ron Przysucha]
  • aqf.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 50 #90-0828 from the 22nd FS is strolling by the camera at RAF Lakenheath on July 25th, 2001. [Robs Aircraft Picture Library photo by John Smith]
  • 22nd FS.jpg
    Maintainers from the 52nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron recover a F-16C aircraft after it landed at Incirlik AB on January 8th. The 22nd FS deployed there as part of a rotational squadron deployment. [USAF photo by A1C Kelly LeGuillion]
  • 91-0344.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 50 #91-0344 from the 22nd FS seen on final approach at RAF Lakenheath during Excalibur 2005. [Photo by Ian Older]
  • 88-0535_001.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0535 from the 555th FS based at Aviano AB, seen airborne and climbing. [Photo by 31st ATSG]
  • 88-0535.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0535 from the 555th FS based at Aviano seen coming in to land. [Photo by 31st ATSG]
  • Incirlik.jpg
    SrA William Murray and SrA Blake Mellom inspect their equipment between "hot pit" refueling on January 22nd at Incirlik AB. Airman Murray is assigned to the 52nd AMS and Airman Mellom is from the 52nd LRS, both from Spangdalhem AB in support of the 22nd EFS. [USAF photo by A1C Thomas Kennedy]
  • 84-1267.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 25 #84-1267 from the 10th TFS is adorned with nose art 'Feel Luck?' expressing Allied sentiment toward Iraqi forces during Operation Desert Storm on February 23rd, 1991. [Photo by TSgt. Perry Heimer]
  • 86-0341.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0341 from the 613th TFS shortly after it being designated as the first Torrejon C-Model Wing Commanders Flag ship. The DCC's for this aircraft was SSgt. Mark Avra and SSgt. Richard Tirado. The Assistant DCC was SrA. John Lanier. The wing Commander at the time was Col. James Mathers. [USAF photo]
  • 89-2024.jpg
    Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Oshaugnessy, 555th FS, Aviano AB, awaits permission to launch his F-16C #89-2024 at Sidi Slimane AB, Morocco on January 29th, 2001. The 555th FS is flying 90 sorties in Exercise AFRICAN EAGLE, a bi-annual exercise designed to practice dissimilar air to air training with the Royal Moroccan AF. [USAF photo by SRA Delia A. Castillo]
  • 92-3915.jpg
    Close up of HARM markings on USAF F-16C block 50 #92-3915 from the 23rd FS. [USAF photo]