US Air Force - USAFE F-16s

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    Block 40 F-16C's from USAFE's 31st FW, Aviano AB have been modified under the Sure Strike and Gold Strike programs, providing enhanced data-transfer capabilities during CAS missions. [USAF photo]
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    A USAFE 23rd FS Fighting Hawks F-16C block 50 #92918 Optimised for the Wild Weasel role with a HTS pod, HARMs, Amraams and sidewinders [ photo]
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    An F-16C from Ramstein's 86th FW, 526TFS (#85402, Capt Dave 30 Thirtyacre's jet) touching down during a William Tell exercise. [Photo by Tags]
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    An F-16A (#80545, Capt Andy Perona's jet) of the now disbanded 50th FW, 313th TFS from Hahn AB, Germany. [Photo by Martin Aguera]
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    Aviano based F-16C block 40 #89035 photographed on approach to Lakenheath in February 98 whilst on deployment there [Photo by Ted Bayliss]
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    Taken at RAF Fairford, a 510 FS USAF F-16C, from Aviano AB with special tail markings. [Photo by Andy Spagna]
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    F-16C #88-0413 of the 510th FS taken at Aviano AB during Bosnia Ops in 1994. [Photo by Andy Spagna]
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    31 OG taken during a flyby over Aviano AB in april 1999 during Kosovo ops. [Photo by Andy Spagna]
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    510 FS commander F16 taken while landing at Aviano AB in april 1999 during Kosovo Ops. [Photo by Andy Spagna]
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    USAF F-16C block 40 #87355 from the 31st FW, Aviano AB, Italy. [USAF photo]
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    Three-ship USAF F-16C/D formation from Spangdahlem AB, Germany - armed with Sidewinders and Mavericks. The closest F-16 is a D-model serial #91-0464 of the 22nd FS. [USAF photo]
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    USAF F-16C block 50 #91-0415 aircraft from USAFE's 52nd FW operate as Wild Weasels. This specimen's equiped with wingtip Amraams, Sidewinders on stations 2 and 8, and AGM-88 HARM anti-radiation missiles. Note the AN/ASQ-213 Harm Targetting System pod on the starboard intake station. [USAF photo]