People meeting people

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    AFETS Rep with the troops... 510FS [USAF photo]
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    Turkish F-16C Block-40 at Aviano AB in Italy during the KFOR/SFOR missions [Photo by Turkhan Urfaloglu]
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    Pilots of the TUAF 191st Air Unit at Aviano AB during the KFOR/SFOR missions [Photo by Turkhan Urfaloglu]
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    Overview of the Hill F-16 West Coast Demo Team in 1996 [USAF photo]
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    Ground crews from the 187th FW and the 140th stand in front of an 140th F-16 at an undisclosed location during the Iraq conflict. [USAF photo]
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    Israeli F-16 [Photo by Idan Ben-Mair]
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    Israeli F-16 [Photo by Idan Ben-Mair]
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    PAF F-16 gathering for 9 Squadron, members stand in the formation 'IX' to create the roman numeral nine, the squadron number. [PAF photo]
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    Maj. (av) Pedro "Cuyagua" Juliac at left, Capt. (ac) Iván "THUD" Peña Nesbit at center, and Capt. (av) Ruben "KAOS" Celis at right of the pic. [FAV photo]
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    East Coast viper team [USAF photo]
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    Personal shot of Jim Sturgeon [USAF photo]
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    Hill AFB demo jet with Thai air staff [USAF photo]
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    Greek viper pilot [photographer: who took a snapshot of himself?]
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    TSgt Gaylon Simmons, with the 31st (OSS), completes a standard check of an AIM-120 AMRAAM missile on an F-16 after performing a bomb loading demonstration for State Department Senior Seminar visitors, at Aviano AFB. [USAF photo by SSgt Norma J. Martinez]
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    Vermont ANG group shot. [Photo by Philippe Colin]