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Ground crews from the 187th FW and the 140th stand in front of an 140th F-16 at an undisclosed location during the Iraq conflict. [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-23 01:20:44 Anonymous said

    Do not forget DC in the house on this one. There are four of our weapons guys in this photo!
  • Anonymous on 2004-Nov-20 17:36:01 Anonymous said

    Hello there
    I was there with you guys during Iraqi Freedom. I worked out of the E&E shop for the 187th. SSgt. Schneller
    Send me an e-mail at the above address.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Dec-01 18:40:02 Anonymous said

    Willie, your mustache needs trimming and your hat's on backwards...."Whatup-widdat?!"

    Paul, you're out of regs with that "dew-rag" and no shirt!

    C'mon, guys, let's clean it up a little, huh?

    Dewey, you're just a natural stud, man....

    "Effin Hooperman", out!

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