People meeting people

  • aap.jpg
    Fotoshoot of a number of Vermont ANG personnel during the FOL exercise at Ft. Drum. [Photo by Philippe Colin]
  • aau.jpg
    Team picture of the USAF east coast demo team. [USAF photo]
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    This is me (Annelin Hoff) along with a pilot from 338 sqn. [Photo by Annelin Hoff]
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    TSgt. Earl, SSgt. Mike and SSgt. Derek removing AIM-9's from Misawa Block 50's while on TDY to Australia. [USAF photo]
  • aax.jpg
    Vypergirl's Crew in Qatar. [Photo by Vypergirl]
  • aay.jpg
    An AAR mission last June in Germany on board a Belgian F-16BM, followed by a 1vs1. [Photo by Mickey]
  • aaz.jpg
    Me getting out of F-16 cockpit of RNoAF F-16BM #711. [Photo by Annelin Hoff]
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    The front seater is actively checking his six in a Belgian two-seater while I'm in the back. [Photo by Mickey]
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    This is the team of Major Brison Phillips, who crashed during a display at Kingsville on March 19th, 2000 with his F-16C block 50 #93-0534. [USAF photo]
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    Senior Airman Edward Youmans inspects the heat exchanger of an electronic countermeasures pod at Kunsan AB. The ECM technicians maintain the F-16 Fighting Falcons pods used to defeat sophisticated anti-aircraft defense systems. Airman Youmans is assigned to the 8th Maintenance Squadron. [U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Val Gempis]
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    Staff Sgt. Corey Lobdell wipes down a F-16C #88-0507 before a flight at Eielson AFB, August 19 during Cope Thunder 04-02. Sergeant Lobdell is a crew chief with the 34th Fighter Squadron from Hill AFB, Utah. [USAF photo by Master Sgt. Terry Nelson]
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    Warren Trask stands next to F-16C block 25 #83-1142 of the 33rd FS with nose art "Harmful FX". [Warren Trask collection]
  • abf.jpg
    Warren Trask standing next to some of his own art work on F-16C block 25 #85-1419 of the 33rd TFS. [Warren Trask collection]
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    A little fun in their spare time in tent city in the desert, leading up to Desert Storm. [Warren Trask collection]
  • abh.jpg
    Detailled view of USAF F-16C block 40 #88-0471 from the 421st FS is adorned with the bossbird colors in a shelter in Iraq. [Photo by Magnetass]