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Belgian F-16B crashes in France - Pilots OK

September 19, 2019 (by Lieven Dewitte) - A Belgian Air Force F-16B crashed today around 10:30hrs near the French town of Pluvignert in Brittany during a standard training flight. The jet just missed a local house as it went down but both aircrew were able to safely eject.

BAF F-16BM #FB-18 from the 2nd Wing taxiing back to its shelter at Florennes AB on September 22nd, 2006. [Photo by Mike Schoenmaker]

The parachute of one of the pilots however got caught on high-tension electricity lines. The pilot who was dangling from the power lines was rescued by emergency services with the help from technicians from the local electricity company.

The crashed jet was FB-18 with serial #80-3593 which left today from Florennes AB and was en route to the French naval airbase at Lann-Bihoué.

The crashed F-16 damaged a local as parts of the wing struck the roof. Nobody on the ground was hurt and the house was evacuated. The F-16 ended up 50m away from the house,causing a fire.

This was the 3rd BAF F-16 crash on a Sept 19th. Here's a full list of all F-16 Accidents & Mishaps for the Belgian Air Force.