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Belgian F-16 crashes at Vliehors range

September 9, 2005 (by Bjorn Claes) - A Belgian F-16s crashed in the North Sea near the Dutch island 'Vlieland' at around 10.55h local. The pilot, Cdt. Fabrice Massaux, was killed in this accident.

Cdt Fabrice Massaux in front of an F-16 on July 9th, 2005 when Belgian F-16s departed to Afghanistan. He crashed in the North Sea on September 9th, 2005. [Photo by Dirk A. Geerts]

A Belgian four-ship formation was practising strafe runs over the Vliehors training range in the Netherlands when one of the F-16s crashed at around 10.55h local. The pilot was part of the 1st squadron which is based at Florennes AB in Belgium. He did not eject and was found shortly after the crash by Dutch rescue crews.

The F-16 is supposed to be #FA-112, although this hasn't been confirmed yet.

The Belgian Ministry of Defense has sent a team of specialist to the accident scene by Sea-King helicopter to investigate the cause of the crash.

Additional images:

BAF F-16AM #FA-112 from the 1st sqn wearing the 85th anniversary scheme is equipped with an AIM-120 and an AGM-65 missile at Kleine Brogel AB on July 20th, 2004. [AviaMagazine photo by Koen Hartkamp]