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Belgian F-16 burns out on the ground at Florennes Air Base

October 11, 2018 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Today around 14.10h, a violent explosion sounded at Florennes airbase in the South of Belgium when an F-16 caught fire and completely burned out.

BAF F-16AM #FA-128 from the second wing seen after it was completely destroyed in a ground fire at Florennes AB on October 11th, 2018. [Photo by Tony Delvita]

An F-16 (#FA-128) was completely destroyed while a second F-16 received collateral damage from the explosions. Two personnel were wounded and treated at the scene. Injuries sustained were mainly hearing related from the explosion.

The F-16 was parked near a hangar when it was accidentally fired upon from another F-16 undergoing routine ground maintenance. Several detonations were heard and thick black smoke was seen for miles around.

Civilian firefighters have even been called in to help firefighters at the airbase to contain the incident. About thirty men were deployed on site and several ambulances were dispatched.

The Aviation Safety Directorate (ASD) is currently investigating the exact cause.

The incident happened at the military airport in Florennes, a Walloon municipality in the south of Belgium. The base houses the 2nd Tactical Wing which comprises the 1st 'Stingers' Squadron and the 350th 'Ambiorix' Squadron.

Additional images:

BAF F-16AM #FA-128 from 350 sqn is taxiing by the camera at Florennes AB during a TLP session on November 5th, 2004. [AviaMagazine photo by Frits Jongerman]

BAF F-16A block 15 #FA-128 from the 10th Wing is spotted at Aalborg AB on January 20th, 1998 during an engine test. [Photo by Erik Frikke]