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F-16 makes emergency landing at Edwards AFB

June 23, 2011 (by Asif Shamim) - An RDAF F-16 fighter aircraft assigned to the 445th Flight Test Squadron made an emergency landing on Edward's lakebed runway 23 at approximately 17.15h local time.

RDAF F-16BM #ET-210 spotted on final approach after an F-35 flight at NAS Fort Worth on April 15th, 2010. [Photo by Keith Robinson]

The aircraft sustained damage. The pilot and instructor, both from the USAF sustained no injuries during the landing.

The F-16 #ET-210 is on loan from the Danish Air Force and assigned to JSF test program was performing a regular training flight when the incident happened at Edwards Air Force base.

A board of enquiry will investigate the incident.

Additional images:

RDAF F-16BM #ET-210 is spotted on the tarmac at Las Vegas IAP in October of 2008. The aircraft flies with the 416th FLTS in the F-35 test program. [ photo by Dave Budd]