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USAF BRAC plans to retire 178 F-16s - 15 bases affected [Detailed List]

May 20, 2005 (by Stefaan Vanhastel) - The Base Re-alignment and Closure plans call for 178 F-16 fighting falcons to be retired, and 39 more to be used as backup aircraft. In total, fifteen F-16 bases will lose 15 aircraft or more each, while 16 bases will gain between 1 and 10 aircraft. This article provides a detailed overview per base, unit, and block.

Net Gain/Loss per base - overview

Eielson AFB-18looses18block 40toHill AFB
Mountain Home AFB-18looses9block 52toMcEntire ANGS
  looses5Block 52toNellis AFB
  looses4Block 52tobackup
Luke AFB-37looses13block 25toretirement
  looses24block 42toretirement
Nellis AFB+5gains18Block 40fromEielson AFB
  gains5Block 52fromMountain Home AFB
  gains7Block 40fromCannon AFB
  looses3Block 42toTulsa ANGS
  looses15Block 42toretirement
  looses6block 32toFresno ANGS
  looses1Block 32toretirement
Cannon AFB-60looses3block 30toTruax Field ANGS
  looses3Block 30toJoe Foss Field ANGS
  looses3Block 30toKirtland AFB
  looses9Block 30toAndrews AFB
  looses7Block 40toNellis AFB
  looses6Block 40toHill AFB
  looses11Block 40tobackup
  looses18block 50tobackup
Hill AFB-9gains6Block 40fromCannon AFB
  looses6Block 30toHomestead ARB
  looses9Block 30toFort Worth NAS
Kirtland AFB+3gains3Block 30fromCannon AFB
Andrews AFB+9gains9Block 30fromCannon AFB
Buckley AFB+3gains3Block 30fromSpringfield ANGS
Lackland AFB+6gains6Block 30fromSpringfield ANGS
Fresno ANGS-2gains7Block 32fromFort Smith ANGS
  gains6Block 32fromNellis AFB
  looses15Block 25toretirement
Fort Smith ANGS-15looses7Block 32toFresno ANGS
  looses8Block 32toretirement
Selfridge ANGB-15looses15Block 30toretirement
Capital ANGS-15looses15Block 30toFort Wayne ANGS
Fort Wayne ANGS+9gains15Block 30fromCapital ANGS
  gains9Block 30fromHulman ANGS
  looses15Block 25toretirement
Hulman ANGS-15looses9Block 30toFort Wayne ANGS
  looses6Block 30toretirement
Atlantic City ANGS-15looses3Block 25toBurlington ANGS
  looses12Block 25toretirement
Duluth ANGS-15looses15Block 25toretirement
Great Falls ANGS-15looses3Block 30toDanelly Field ANGS
  looses3Block 30toDes Moines ANGS
  looses9Block 30toretirement
Hector ANGS-15looses15Block 15ADFtoretirement
Springfield ANGS-18looses9Block 30toDes Moines ANGS
  looses3Block 30toBuckley AFB
  looses6Block 30toLackland AFB
Ellington ANGS-15looses15Block 25toretirement
Richmond ANGS-15looses6Block 30toDes Moines ANGS
  looses3Block 30toHomestead ARB
  looses6Block 30tobackup
Des Moines ANGS+3gains3Block 30fromGreat Falls ANGS
  gains9Block 30fromSpringfield ANGS
  gains6Block 30fromRichmond ANGS
  looses9Block 42toToledo ANGS
  looses6Block 42toTulsa ANGS
McEntire ANGS+9gains9Block 52fromMountain Home AFB
Tulsa ANGS+9gains3Block 42fromNellis AFB
  gains6Block 42fromDes Moines ANGS
Burlington ANGS+3gains3Block 25fromAtlantic City ANGS
Danelly Field ANGS+3gains3Block 30fromGreat Falls ANGS
Truax Field ANGS+3gains3Block 30fromCannon AFB
Joe Foss Field ANGS+3gains3Block 30fromCannon AFB
Toledo ANGS+9gains9Block 42fromDes Moines ANGS
Homestead ARB+9gains6Block 30fromHill AFB
  gains3Block 30fromRichmond ANGS
Fort Worth NAS+9gains9Block 30fromHill AFB

Aircraft to be retired or used as backup - overview per block

Block 15ADF15 
Block 2585 
Block 30306
Block 329 
Block 40 11
Block 4239 
Block 50 18
Block 52 4

Retirement/Backup aircraft - overview per base

No. aircraftTypeFrom
15Block 15ADFHector ANGS
15Block 25Fort Wayne ANGS
12Block 25Atlantic City ANGS
15Block 25Fresno ANGS
13Block 25Luke AFB
15Block 25Duluth ANGS
15Block 25Ellington ANGS
6Block 30Hulman ANGS
15Block 30Selfridge ANGS
9Block 30Great Falls ANGS
1Block 32Nellis AFB
8Block 32Fort Smith ANGS
15Block 42Nellis AFB
24Block 42Luke AFB
4Block 52Mountain Home AFB
18Block 50Cannon AFB
11Block 40Cannon AFB
6Block 30Richmond ANGS

Detailed overview per unit

Eielson AFB354FW18FS18Block 40ToNellis AFB57W?
Fort Smith ANGS188FW184FS7Block 32ToFresno ANGS144FW194FS
   8Block 32Toretirement  
Fresno ANGS144FW194FS15Block 25Toretirement  
Luke AFB56FW?13Block 25Toretirement  
   24Block 42Toretirement  
Selfridge ANGB127W107FS15Block 30Toretirement  
Mountain Home AFB366FW389FS9Block 52ToMcEntire ANGS169FW157FS
   5Block 52ToNellis AFB57W?
   4Block 52Tobackup  
Nellis AFB57W?3Block 42ToTulsa ANGS138FW125FS
   15Block 42Toretirement  
   6Block 32ToFresno ANGS144FW194FS
   1Block 32Toretirement  
Capital ANGS183FW170FS15Block 30ToFort Wayne ANGS122FW163FS
Fort Wayne ANGS122FW163FS15Block 25Toretirement  
Hulman ANGS181FW113FS9Block 30ToFort Wayne ANGS122FW163FS
   6Block 30Toretirement  
Atlantic City ANGS177FW119FS3Block 25ToBurlington ANGS158FW134FS
   12Block 25Toretirement  
Duluth ANGS148FW179FS15Block 25Toretirement  
Great Falls ANGS120FW186FS3Block 30ToDanelly Field ANGS187FW160FS
   3Block 30ToDes Moines ANGS132FW124FS
   9Block 30Toretirement  
Cannon AFB27FW523FS3Block 30ToTruax Field ANGS115FW176FS
   3Block 30ToJoe Foss Field ANGS114FW175FS
   3Block 30ToKirtland AFB150FW188FS
   9Block 30ToAndrews AFB113W121FS
  524FS7Block 40ToNellis AFB57W?
   6Block 40ToHill AFB388W?
   11Block 40Tobackup  
  522FS18Block 50Tobackup  
Hector ANGS119FW178FS15Block 15ADFToretirement  
Springfield ANGS178FW162FS9Block 30ToDes Moines ANGS132FW124FS
   3Block 30ToBuckley AFB140W120FS
   6Block 30ToLackland AFB149FW182FS
Ellington ANGS147FW111FS15Block 25Toretirement  
Hill AFB419FW466FS6Block 30ToHomestead ARB482FW93FS
   9Block 30ToFort Worth NAS301FW457FS
Richmond ANGS192FW149FS6Block 30ToDes Moines ANGS132FW124FS
   3Block 30ToHomestead ARB482FW93FS
   6Block 30Tobackup  
Des Moines ANGS132FW124FS9Block 42ToToledo ANGS180FW112FS
   6Block 42ToTulsa ANGS138FW125FS

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