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  MSgt. Sam " Wild Man" Houston (Ret.)

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Name MSgt. Sam Houston (Ret.)
Unit 81st Tactical Fighter Wing
Crewing F-16s from 1985 until 1992
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1977-1980 18TFW / 18 EMS F-4 dock 1 Phase Kadena Okinawa
1980-1982 81 TFW / 92nd AMU A-10 Crew Chief RAF Bentwaters UK
1982-1983 81 TFW / DCM Job Control RAF Bentwaters UK
1983-1985 355 TTW /333rd AMB A-10 Crew Chief DMAFB, AZ
1985-1987 56 TTW / 61st AMB F-16 A/B MacDill AFB,FL
1987-1990 56 TTW / MATD Instructor F-16 C/D MacDill AFB, FL
1990-1992 8 TFW / 80th AMU B-Flt Flight Chief Kunsan ROK
1992-1992 52 FW / 23 FS Crew Chief Spangdahlem AB, Germany
1992-1994 52 FW / OG Group Senior APG Inspector Spangdahlem
1994-1995 52 FW / LG Group A-10 MATD/Eng run Instructor Spang
1995-1997 52 FW / 81st FS Phase Dock Spangdahlem AB,
1997-2001 40 Flt test Sq/Falcon Flight Chief,ProSuper,RA,Eglin AFB

One great Air Force "The worlds best men and women work hard play hard we had just one job..... Fly, Fight and Win..... before

" all the P.C. BS and yes men lets not forget the ass kissers" got in the way of doing your job.

I love working the F-4's and A-10's only one type of engine
the F-16 world sucks period ..... PW-200 crap GE 110 crap PW220E good. too many crapy engines

the best F-16 base was MacDill AFB Tampa FL. and the Air Force moved it the entire 56 Wing that was a dumb shit thing to do Uncle Sam

Current or Favourite assignment

56 TTW No bag drag, no gas mask, no playing war games

just fun and the sun


Southern Watch Saudi Arabia
Dec 1992-March 1993
F-4 G 81FS
QA inspector

Operation Deny Flight Aviano AB
A-10 81FS
QA Inspector

My Jets & Assignments

79432 [Detailed history of this F-16]
Unit 61st Fighter Squadron "Top Dogs" [Unit History]
Period 1985 - 1992
Current: AAFG0408   USAF AMARC F-16B Block 10 [ sto]
My first F-16 B 79-0432 with a PW 200 engine never got a ride in the back seat
Unit 80th Fighter Squadron "Juvats" [History]
Period 1991 - 1992
Yeah It was the kun spent my time bitchin at the QA telling them to stop picking on my troops that one of many jobs as a flight chief
Unit 23rd Fighter Squadron "Fighting Hawks" [History]
Period 1992 - 1992
I was the only B shed out in the only A-10 SQ 81FS I got out of the 23FS by going to QA
Unit 81st Fighter Squadron "Wild Weasels" [History]
Period 1995 - 1997
F-16 vs A-10 I love the A-10
Unit 39th Flight Test Squadron [History]
Period 1997 - 2001
All test units in the Air Force should be all military NO civilians what a mess mixing military and civilians
Other aircraft/assignments F-4 C / D / RF/ at Kadena Okinawa Japan

F-4 G model at Spangdahlem Germany

A-10A at RAF Bentwaters UK

A-10A at DMAFB, AZ

Fort Rucker AL aircraft mechanic

Uh-1 Huey

CH-47 Chinook

UH-60 Blackhawk

AH-64 A/D Apache
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