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343 Mira ( HAF)

" Star (Asteri)"  

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343 Mira " Star (Asteri)" ( HAF)
Version: F-16C/D block 52
Role: Multirole, SEAD
Tailband: Blue (with yellow stars)
Motto: N/A
Badge: Wings on a star.

Sideways profile for 343 Mira in 2009.

F-16 History

343 Mira was the second squadron to receive the brand-new block 52 version of the Fighting Falcon within the Hellenic Air Force. The squadron had been disbanded in 2001 with the F-5 being withdrawn from use. The fact that 343 Mira – together with its sister squadron 340 Mira - was chosen to fly the new jet reflects the importance the Greek government and military emphasise on a strong presence in the Aegean region, being based at Soúda AB on the island of Crete.

HAF F-16C block 52 #525 from 343 Mira is coming in for landing at RAF Lossiemouth on October 13th, 2008 on its way to Red Flag. [Photo by Berry Vissers]

Tasks of the unit mainly concern airborne interception, although officially the squadron is multitasked. This is also reflected in the fact that the most modern block types of the viper are used in 343 Mira. Since 2005 the SEAD mission was also added to the task palette of 343 Mira.

Aircraft Markings History

2003 - 2005

The tail sports the Greek flag in the center with the serial below it.

2005 - present

The former design was retained but a blue tailband with yellow stars was added on top of the tail.

Unit History

  • 1955: Activation of the squadron in Elefsis
  • 1955: F-86E 'Sabre' (part of 112CW)
  • 1956: F-86E 'Sabre' (part of 114CW, Tanagra)
  • 1958: F-86E 'Sabre' (part of 111CW, Néa Anghialos)
  • 1961: F-86D 'Sabre'
  • 1966: F-5A 'Freedom Fighter'
  • 1974: F-5A 'Freedom Fighter' (part of 113CW, Thessaloniki)
  • 1985: F-5A 'Freedom Fighter' (part of 111CW, Néa Anghialos)
  • 1987: F-5A 'Freedom Fighter' (part of 113CW, Thessaloniki)
  • 2001: Disbanded
  • 2003: Activation of the squadron in Soúda
  • 2003: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 115CW)

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