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347 Mira ( HAF)

" Perseus"  

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347 Mira " Perseus" ( HAF)
Version: F-16C/D block 50
Role: Multirole, Attack
Tailband: N/A
Motto: Noctis in Dies (Night into Day)
Badge: The wings and sword of the mythical hero Perseus, the emblem of the Hellenic Air Force and a flying aircraft.

Sideways profile for 347 Mira in 2009.

F-16 History

347 Mira was the first squadron to receive the block 50 airframes of the Peace Xenia II order. The squadron is specifically tasked with an attack mission both during daytime as night-time. Therefore it is equipped with the LANTIRN targeting pods. The HAF bought this pods right after the introduction of the block 50’s in 1997. This was the first time that the HAF received a true day- and night-time attack capability.

HAF F-16C block 50 #075 from 347 Mira is seen taxiing across the runway tramlines at Nea Anghialos AB on September 12th, 2007. [Photo by Chris Lofting]

These block 50 airframes have been built to the most modern standards including an all colour cockpit and the incorporation of the latest electronic equipment like the APX-113 AIFF system visible through the fairings in front of the canopy. In the near future the Greek F-16 will receive an advanced ECM suite as well, to make them more durable in any conflicts.

Aircraft Markings History

1997 - 2004

The tail sported the Greek flag in the center with the serial below it.

2004 - present

The former design was retained but the unit's insigna was added on the top of the tail.

Unit History

  • 1977: Activation of the squadron in Soúda
  • 1977: A-7H 'Corsair II' (part of 115CW)
  • 1977: A-7H 'Corsair II' (part of 110CW, Lárissa)
  • 1992: Disbanded
  • 1997: Activation of the squadron in Néa Anghialos
  • 1997: F-16C/D 'Fighting Falcon' (part of 111CW)

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