Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16s

RSAF F-16D Block 52, #661, part of the latest Peace Carvin IV order rolling just prior to take off on its first flight [LMTAS photo


  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-02 10:25:51 Anonymous said


    If you visualise the paint scheme to be that of the f-16i, you will find that this plane is exactly the same plane.

    meaning this is an advance blk 50.
    some areas to know , look at the spine , lights & antenas near the intake & nose.
  • Anonymous on 2004-May-18 11:48:38 Anonymous said


    Funny thing, when this acft was going thru fuel system checks, the tail number was "661" on one side and "199" on the other. It was in the small #s as in the photo. It was re-painted to 12" #s after first flight.
  • Anonymous on 2004-May-24 19:23:29 Anonymous said


    No kidding Hippy, different numbers on each side? What was the number after repainting to 12" numbers?
  • Anonymous on 2004-Dec-18 16:44:45 Anonymous said

    GregD (habu2)

    hint: 199 is 661 upside down... doh!

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    First flight on February 26th, 2004.

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