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First flight of the Block 52+ for Singapore

February 27, 2004 (by Lieven Dewitte) - Lockheed Martin completed a successful first flight yesterday of the initial F-16 Advanced block 52 aircraft produced for Singapore.

RSAF F-16D Block 52, #661, part of the latest Peace Carvin IV order rolling just prior to take off on its first flight [LMTAS photo ]

Singapore's purchase program includes aircraft, support equipment, spare parts, training, mission equipment and other associated items. The aircraft have components manufactured by Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Northrop Grumman and other U.S. suppliers.

This program is the fourth buy of the F-16 for the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Singapore received its first F-16 under the original Peace Carvin program signed in 1988. Subsequent orders were made in 1994, 1997 and this in 2000.