US Air Force - ACC F-16s

  • aam.jpg
    20th FW F-16C #92906 during finals for Shaw AFB loaded with an AMD - Acceleration Monitoring Device - aimed at increasing the aircrafts visibility on radar during exercises. [USAF photo]
  • aan.jpg
    Heritage Flight with an F-16 (#91365), F-86 and P-51 - Oceana 2002 [Photo by Robert Dahler]
  • aao.jpg
    F-16 from 78th FS Shaw AFB seen at NAS Oceana 2002 [Photo by Robert Dahler]
  • aaq.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 42, #90740, equipped with a AIM-9 on the right and an ACMI pod on the left [USAF photo]
  • aar.jpg
    USAF F-16C, the 363rd FW Commander's aircraft armed with AIM-120 AMRAAMs on the wingtips, going vertical [USAF photo]
  • aas.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 50, #92921, firing a AGM-88 missile [Photo by Bo Harris]
  • aat.jpg
    Tail view of USAF F-16C block 40, #88462, based at Hill AFB [Photo by Jetmech]
  • aau.jpg
    Tail view of USAF F-16C block 40, #88495, based at Hill AFB [Photo by Jetmech]
  • aav.jpg
    In Feb. 1983, the USAF tested the F-16 under arctic conditions at Eielson AFB, Alaska. The air temp was about -35F when this 4th TFS aircraft is preparing to launch for Dawn Patrol at 0930. [Photo by Lt. Col. L. Danner]
  • aaw.jpg
    This is a picture of my first jet that I crewed in the USAF, F-16C #88-0501 at Hill AFB, 421 FS, Black Widows [Photo by Toby]
  • aax.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 32 #87267 with "Red-67" markings in agressor livery, on finals for Nellis AFB [USAF photo]
  • aay.jpg
    USAF F-16C #84256 equiped with a centerline ALQ-119 ECM pod and two cluster bombs on a TER on station 3 [USAF photo]