US Air Force - ACC F-16s

  • aaa.jpg
    F-16CJ #94-0047, from the 79th FS (Shaw AFB) at the 1997 Fairford Tiger Meet, with dummy wingtip-mounted AIM-120 missiles. F-16C #91-0379 also had these markings in 1997. [ photo]
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    F-16C #91-0379 of the 79th FS 'Tigers' with full load of fuel tanks climbing out from Fairford during the RIAT 1997. [ photo]
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    Hill AFB 5-shipper - the Wing and Squadron Commanders' aircraft. Back to front: 388th TFW, 4th TFS, 16th TFS, 34th TFS and 421st TFS. The 16th has been disbanded. [LMTAS photo]
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    Moody AFB Commanders' aircraft (#83103). Front to back: 347th TFW, 68th TFS, 69th TFS and 70th TFS. [LMTAS photo]
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    Nellis' Home Team: WA (414th CTS) Vipers with 'winders and clusterbombs. (#83129). [LMTAS photo]
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    Wild Weasel: a 20th FW, 79th FS, F-16CJ shows off its SAM-hunting armament at the 1997 Fairford RIAT: wingtip AIM-120, AIM-9 on station 2, and AGM-88 HARM on station 3 (all inert). [ photo]
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    The 388th FW Commander's aircraft dropping a 500lbs LGB. Note the ALQ-184 ECM pod on the centerline, and the Sidewinder body on the port wing containing telemetry equipment. [LMTAS photo]
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    Moody's 68th FS commander's F-16C [Photo by Martin Aguera]
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    A Cannon AB 27th FW Block 40 F-16C #88-0429 with both Lantirn pods fitted [USAF photo]
  • aaj.jpg
    USAF F-16C block 32 #86-0272 is painted in a sparkling blue agressor scheme while parked at Nellis AB. [ photo]
  • aak.jpg
    An aggressor F-16C #86-0272 in blue splinter camo on finals for Nellis AFB. [Michel Klaver collection]
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    Cannon AFB F16C block 30 #87246 taken at RAF Fairford in 1997. [Photo by Andy Spagna]
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    20th FW F-16C #92906 during finals for Shaw AFB loaded with an AMD - Acceleration Monitoring Device - aimed at increasing the aircrafts visibility on radar during exercises. [USAF photo]
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    Heritage Flight with an F-16 (#91365), F-86 and P-51 - Oceana 2002 [Photo by Robert Dahler]
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    F-16 from 78th FS Shaw AFB seen at NAS Oceana 2002 [Photo by Robert Dahler]