F-16 Accidents

USAF F-16C block 30 #86-0297 crashed into the Yellow Sea just off South Korea on January 29th, 1989. This picture was taken during the recovery operation. It took about a week to hoist it out. [Photo by SSgt Roberty Czzowitz]


  • Anonymous on 2005-Sep-30 02:20:16 Anonymous said


    I was there for that one Augmenter fuel pump caught on fire one of many AF wide
  • Anonymous on 2006-Aug-29 03:02:45 Anonymous said

    Was there also

    Actually the crash was caused by a fuel nozzle chafing the combustor can and started shooting fuel like a blow torch through the engine and into aircraft. Pilot ejected just before a big fire erupted. Just so happened that an Army helicoptor was about to take off from Kunsan and was sent to rescue pilot.
  • Bobsizz_99@yahoo.com on 2011-Sep-02 03:12:48 Bobsizz_99@yahoo.com said

    I took the picture

    I was the one that recoverd this aircraft. I worked transit alert/crash recovery at Kunsan. I am the one who took the picture. I couldnt belive they spelt my first name wrong it is Robert. Now I can see them making a mistake on my last name but they got that right.

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    Crashed into the Yellow Sea just off South Korea. Pilot ejected and was rescued by a US Army Chinook. The wreck was salvaged by a US Navy vessel. Recovery from the sea took about a week. Photograph taken after recovery.

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