F-16 Accidents

Osan F-16C block 30, #87251, from 51 TFW - 19 Dec 89. [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2003-Oct-20 20:39:39 Anonymous said


    remember step one on a landing is to put your landing gear DOWN
  • Anonymous on 2003-Nov-04 10:39:54 Anonymous said


    Nice recovery for aircraft
  • Anonymous on 2003-Nov-28 06:35:28 Anonymous said

    frank \"stick\"

    "check gear down" and air speed.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jan-27 10:55:51 Anonymous said

    f-16 crew chief

    Atleast he lowered the flaps and opened the speedbrakes. he just forgot the most important thing.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Mar-12 19:10:14 Anonymous said


    its the little handle with the wheel on it
  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-05 08:18:57 Anonymous said

    the general

    actually the landing gear would not lower in this case and the pilot heroically landed the aircraft, instead of ejecting and scrapping the aircraft.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-08 12:38:25 Anonymous said


    if somebody sees a picture like this and he is not an airman or crewchief he makes his mind. but the trouth is different mostly.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-13 16:52:41 Anonymous said


    He was pitching down. Take a look at the Elevatorst. Hah...that is what you get when you watch too many Kamakazi films.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-14 00:39:19 Anonymous said


    hey BK accirding to a friend the F-16 Elevators go down when you turn the power off.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Apr-15 17:45:26 Anonymous said


    If you look under the aircraft you will see the foom for a gliding path.
    ohterwise you saw the foom also on the aircraft it tells you the story that this aircraft had problems.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jun-07 20:26:10 Anonymous said


    The truth behide this is the pilot forgot to close the IFR door, punched off a full centerline. All after being told to close the door by the hot pit crew and the pit supervisor, me. Even Squadron CO need to listen to the crew chief! Osan 88-91
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jul-23 12:31:51 Anonymous said

    milton san padre

    where's the switch?
  • Anonymous on 2004-Jul-31 05:23:12 Anonymous said


    The F-16 doesnt have "Elevators". Depending on switchology your Stabilators (stabs) are going to move to the center position. The Stabs are an independent sys so they are allowed to move when the jet shuts down. The Flaperons on the 16 or Ailerons on an F-4 will move to the 0 degree position if the cockpit is in the right switchology mode. Or the Flaperons will stay at the 25 degree down position and that is all depending on where the AOA Indexers are at when the ACFT is shut down.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Aug-06 18:21:35 Anonymous said


    Indeed the aircraft had an emergency and was told to land gear up. The stabs fall like that when the hydraulic fluid pressure drops, i.e. the engine is off. He did a good job.
  • Anonymous on 2004-Nov-01 11:24:31 Anonymous said


    he is a fine pilot if i were him i would ejected i cant land without landing gear
  • Anonymous on 2005-Jan-25 19:00:41 Anonymous said


    atleast he destroy all of the plane, just the bits bellow
  • Anonymous on 2005-Jan-28 09:55:33 Anonymous said


    Maybe the landing gear has some problems to be put down, and the pilot made a risky landing without gear down.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-18 17:04:23 Anonymous said

    Viper01 (falcon83-1123)

    I was stationed at Osan when this happened. I think we ended up with a new "Wing" king after this one.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-23 09:23:13 Anonymous said


    no problem if you forget the gear down
    but the problem if you forget to eject
  • Anonymous on 2005-Mar-26 17:15:05 Anonymous said

    samurai two

    This mesage is for Viper01, I was there also, the Wing King did get shipped out. the last I heard was he`s flying a desk.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Dec-07 14:52:56 Anonymous said

    crew chief spangdahlem AFB

    you people need to quit saying stupid shit about the pilot when hep put the jet down he saved a 20 million dollar acft and maybe somebodies life cause if the plane would have crashed it could have been alot more serious.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Dec-26 16:50:13 Anonymous said


    I was at Osan ('89-90) and saw 'Col Al' (the Crew Chief's Pal) dead-stick 86-0251 onto the So. End of the runway. He did in fact leave the IFR door open after our Hot Pit/Alert Scramble (for a photo shoot with some Badger Bombers off the Korean coast). 'Saw the pictures of our flagship in the photo shoot - the IFR door was open the whole time. 'Had to punch off his (full) C/L Tank, as an open IFR door won't allow external fuel to transfer up. 'Think he set an all time record for dead-sticking an F-16 back to base. 86-0251 was packed/crated and shipped to OO-ALC, but never flew again. It was pieced together with a Syracuse (Gulf Vet) F-16A Nose Section and made into a ground maintenance trainer aircraft. It's currently located at Sheppard AFB. (26 Dec 2005)
  • Sixfive on 2008-Sep-14 07:51:59 Sixfive said

    Look at the engine nozzel

    If the gear handle is up the engine nozzel will be in the full closed position (as you see in the pic), throughout the whole throttle range except burner. In burner it goes full open. The nozzel only schedules open and closed when the handle is down and the throttle is moved from idle to mil power. This helps the aircraft slow down enough to safely land and taxi. That closed nozzel is a real good indication that the handle was up, or the throttle was in mil power.. which doesn't make sense. Why would he land with the gear up on purpose? Even if the engine is off the EPU should provide enough electrical power and hydraulics lower the gear. If the Engine and EPU weren't working there is no whay he could control the aircraft. Inspite of that there is a "T" handle with a mechanical flex cable to dump the emergency landing gear pneumatic blowdown. This uses a 3000psi N2 accumulator bottle and doesn't require hydraulics or electrics to work. The only other angle is that one or both of the main gear failed to come down and the pilot was able to retract and then opted to land with them full up. The main gear free fall to the down and locked position. The nose is powered down. All 3 are powered for retract.
  • Anonymous on 2009-Aug-06 11:27:31 Anonymous said

    You know whats crazy? Everyone is arguing but not saying whats really on their mind. B-1's have way more fire power AND out run the cute little plane. Please upgrade.
  • Stevo on 2009-Aug-23 15:11:24 Stevo said

    The real story

    Flying lives - patrol - just gone through hot pit - took off - very quickly ran out of gas (had not closed IFR door) - so had to IFE back to Osan Bingo Fuel - witih lives loaded - a lot going on....forgot the gear? Until he heard the ventrals scraping.
  • Bob on 2012-Aug-30 20:54:51 Bob said

    Emer Gear

    There is a T handle for emer gear extension with no engine... the drooping stabs are due to gravity. Obviously the acft had been sitting on the ground (literally) for some time.... Pilot would have not purposely landed gear up in a flame out situ...

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