F-16 Accidents

Class b mishap during a hot oil servicing run. The jet travelled +/- 400 ft and came to a stop on the right wingtip and landing gear. It is F-16C block 40 #90-0718. [USAF photo]


  • Anonymous on 2004-May-15 23:44:06 Anonymous said


    I was there when it happed. Eielson AFB, AK. We were doing a hot oil servicing run, the jet had just come out of phase. The run was conducted on hard packed snow. The jet was being run at 80% when it jumped chocks and slid sideways, hit the asphalt and nosed over. The CREWCHIEF did nothing wrong. Also the size chock specified in the AFI WAS being used. Questions? Send me an e-mail
  • Anonymous on 2004-Aug-06 18:24:01 Anonymous said


    Crew chief DID do something wrong. Where is the hook? Doesnt that have to be engaged when doing engine runs above idle????
  • Anonymous on 2004-Aug-22 20:26:43 Anonymous said


    The hook only has to be engaged during Mil. or Burner run's. You can run up to 80% in the chocks. Matt if you have access to a T.O feel free to pick it and read! The crew chief did NOTHING wrong!!
  • Anonymous on 2005-Nov-02 00:36:03 Anonymous said


    Ok, the Mech did follow the T. O, But common since would also tell you that don't do 80% run ups on the snow or Ice. I bet it didn't jump the chock but pushed it out of the way and only one. I think that we should all go ahead and chain or hook if on snow or ice.
  • Anonymous on 2005-Nov-04 21:48:07 Anonymous said


    That's a brilliant idea Jett, but those of us who worked on the flight line at EAFB (farthest north f-ing fighter squadron) know that you use rope chocks, because they don't slip on ice there. And they are REALLY fun to cut. Great idea with the hook though, but in the "real" flight line world tiedowns do not exist at every ramp spot. Except out at loop Salcha in the 18th's case.....
  • Anonymous on 2005-Dec-07 19:27:53 Anonymous said

    youngcc_1999@yahoo.com (Carla)

    As a retired F-16 mechanic for 20 yrs I can attest to the fact that it is very easy for the jet to slide on the ice,snow or hyd fluid during "normal" 10 minutes engine runs for the hot oil servicing run. I did lots of them while assigned to Eielson in the hangars, open flight line and hush house too. I am sure the individual running this aircraft did nothing wrong while running this aircraft. I comment him/her for their excellent emergency procedures and save a muli-million dollar aircraft from more damage than was done. Keep up the great work because unless you have been there you don't know how rough it can be working in that enviroment day in and day out.
  • Anonymous on 2006-Apr-30 23:32:26 Anonymous said

    Northest F-16 sqn?

    Fairbanks is located at approx
  • OIFvet1021 on 2009-Feb-07 11:22:35 OIFvet1021 said

    I have done many engine runs myself both in Has hush houses and open ramps and luckly i have never jumped chocks. but what i want to know is how the ACFT managed to dig in like that the only thing i can think of his the CC slammed down on the rigth brake. if anyione else has any other ideas id love to hear them.

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