Misc: Pictures/Zaps/Logo's

  • aaa.jpg
    ROKAF(republic of korea airforce) 19th fw patch
  • aab.jpg
    it's republic of korea airforce(ROKAF) 19th fw's patch
  • aac.gif
    510th EFS/EAMU Buzzards Rule!
  • aad.jpg
    Bad ass Buzzard..Aviano..510th..Gunny
  • aae.jpg
    F-16 Thunderbirds - A Legend Reborn [Asif Shamim Collection]
  • acw.jpg
    P&W USAF F100 Pacer Century Program (Graphic by P&W)
  • acx.gif
    Pratt & Whitney Dependable Engines (Graphic P&W)
  • acz.gif
    93 Fighter Squadron Patch (Rick Rose Crew Chief)
  • ada.jpg
    IAT 1983 'STAR 83' Strike-Attack-Reconnanissance, RAF Greenham Common sticker (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • acy.jpg
    Aerospace Propulsion System Specialist (Jet Engine Mechanic) patch - Chanute AFB, IL @ 1990 (Scan by Dennis Bixby)
  • adb.gif
    FACh F-16 swirl
  • adc.gif
    Vigilante Patch - scan of the original drawing of the patch the 186 FS/MTANG currently wears. (Gus)
  • add.jpg
    Republic of Singapore Air Force F16, 140 Sqn 'Osprey' sticker (Asif Shamim Collection)
  • ade.jpg
    F100 IETM "Interactive Electronic Technical Manual" Decal (P&W Graphic)
  • adf.jpg
    Polish Peace Sky - F-16 Decal (Unknown? P&W graphic?)